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"The Spaceman"
Photographer Website
Photographer, Edward Donato has been shooting haunting photographic images for nearly two decades. The mysterious, unpredictable images, with their deep emotional grain, conjure up an unfamiliar spiritual enchantment. The photographer is now back, working in the studio and on location, shooting exciting new images. The most recent of the series, is a Civil War era spaceman/ astronaut. The photographs are created on 4x5 and 8x10 large format negative film and printed using conventional methods. Some of the images take nearly a year to plan and as long as six months to produce. Most of the props and effects are designed and manufactured in the studio, by the artist himself. More of the photographer's work can be viewed on his website.
Black & White Large Format Series 2003 - 2016.
Plate 1 Plate 2
16x20 silver gelatin fiber print, museum arcival.
Plate 3 Plate 4
Original Black and White Negitive plates: 6x6, 4x5, 8x10
Plate 5 Plate 6
Plate 7 Plate 7
Plate 8 Plate 9
Plate 10 Plate 11
Plate 12 Plate 13
Plate 14 Plate 15
Plate 16 Plate 17
Plate 18 Plate 19
Plate 20 Plate 21
Plate 22 Plate 23
Plate 24 Plate 25
Plate 26
Plate 27
Plate 28
Plate 29
Plate 30
Plate 31
Plate 32
Plate 33
Plate 34
Plate 35
Plate 36
Plate 37
Plate 38
Plate 39
Plate 40
Plate 41
Plate 42
Plate 43
Plate 44
Plate 45
Plate 46
Plate 47
Plate 48
Plate 49